Brazenhead Review

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Brazenhead Review is a literary magazine of new writing that strives to emphasize content over authorship. As a response to the age of social clout, it hopes to provide readers the chance to focus on what they read rather than who they read.

The magazine was originally conceived at Brazenhead Books, a  speakeasy bookshop in New York City, under the mentorship of it’s late owner, and dear friend, Michael Seidenberg. The first issue was released in a limited edition print-run in July 2015 to mark the closing of the  first iteration of the iconic bookshop and it’s literary salon. 

Anyone and everyone was welcome at Brazenhead Books and Michael was well-known for encouraging open dialogues on a myriad of topics. The magazine continues in this tradition, in his honor, to diversify  literature in open-minded, respectful, and anti-oppressive ways; to strive to publish work that challenges various prejudices and perceived  norms. 

Brazenhead Review is interested in all forms of literature, especially those texts that are uncategorizable, boundary-breaking, and multiplicitous. We pay $10 for poetry or any short works, and $25 for prose or any longer works. Any and all profits go toward paying contributors and keeping the magazine free and accessible to everyone.

Thank you for your support, contributions, and the pleasure of engaging with your work.

We review all submissions anonymously.

Brazenhead Review