Brazenhead Review is a print-only journal of poetry and prose.

Our goal is to promote content over identity by giving readers the opportunity to experience a text before discovering its author.

We review submissions anonymously and encourage you to be brazen.

All contributors receive a free copy of the issue in which their work is published.

Thank you for your support, contributions, and the pleasure of reading your work.

Submit as many poems as you'd like. They may be of any length. Original work only, no translations.

You may interpret this category as you wish so long as it is not poetry. Any type of fiction (short, long, short-short, flash, etc.) and creative non-fiction (memoir, personal essay, etc.) is okay. No journalism, please. Original work only, no translations.

At this time we can only accept artwork in b/w or grey scale, but it may be anything, including photography, painting, drawing, collage etc. Series/projects may be submitted as well.

Brazenhead Review